Whole-School Programs

1. Language Conscious Teaching
2. 1st Class English Program
3. Professional Texts Package

Language Conscious Teaching:
A Professional Development Series
for Educators in Multilingual Schools

For Administrators, District Professional Development Staff, Literacy Coordinators Teams, TEFL Course Leaders, Faculty of Education Instructors, and School Principals

Language Conscious Teaching

Language Conscious teachers are attuned to the language levels and needs of their students, recognize which tasks could put up insurmountale challenges for Language Learners, and have the skills to structure comprehensible curriculum and assessment.

The new "Language Conscious Teaching" Professional Development program presents the most pertinent topics in Second Language Acquisition and bridges the pedagogy to the here and now teacher's need for practical, achievable instruction and learning.

This series of one-hour Professional Development sessions guides educators through the unique knowledge, methods and practical skills required for effective instruction of English Language Learners in our schools. Pedagogically sound, yet eminently practical.

The Language Conscious Teachers Series will:

Sessions Include:

Only $599.95
Reproducible for the purchasing school only.
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1st Class English & The Language Buddies Program

School Site-Licensed Resources
All Teachers, All Students, All Grades, All Curriculum

1st Class English

This comprehensive whole-school plan will strengthen the capacity of Boards, Administrators and schools to improve plans for language supports if:

The 1st Class English & Language Buddies Program:

"Schools with over 30% ESL should be using a whole-school approach to providing language supports."

Deborah Short, Project Manager 1998, Center for Applied Linguistics, USA

1st Class English & The Language Buddies Program

This is a new type of support program. Designed to be a school-purchased, school-wide program, it comes with persmission for all staff to photocopy all resources. The materials are excellent language learning tools for EVERY student, not just ESL students.

Besides benefitting students, there are guides and information that assist educators to grow professionally in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). USe of the eclectic materials in this program will develop the crucial foundations of language skills that students need, but just as importantly, this resource will infuse a school with the "best practices" of TESL methodologies.

The 1st Class English Kit

Teachers will have access to a wide variety of quality, award winning student resources that make the learning of language and literacy exciting, interesting and fun. Additionally, teachers will have a newcomer's Guide to program for and to sequence the basic elements of language vocabulary and fluency skills during a student's first year.

The 1st Class English Kit includes:

Professional Development

As teachers become adept at using the 1st Class English resources, there will be an infusion of ESL methodologies within the school; all guides and activities were developed for work with language learners. In addition, teachers are provided with the highly acclaimed new text, In Our Classrooms: An Educator's Guide To Helping Language Learners With Curriculum, an extraordinary resource for their yearly professional growth plans.

Administrator's Guide

The brief Administrator's Guide provides an easy plan to introduce 1st Class English components and resources. Enlist the support of division heads, library, and ESL staff if available, to prepare and conduct a 1½ hour presentation meeting.

"Students of English as a foreign language do not have the vocabulary or the thousands of hours of practice in English as native English speakers."

Ofelia Miramontes, Adel Madeau, Nancy Cummins
Restructuring of Schools for Linguistic Diversity: Linking Decision Making to Effective Programs 1999

Includes a one-school photocopy license. Only $995.00
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Professional Texts Package

Absolutely essential background reference and resource reading for educators and school staff working in multi-ethnic school communities. Described by critics as "highly accessible" and "practical", these resources bridge pedagogy to 'best practices' for teaching in elementary and middle school classrooms. Mainstreams: meeting the needs of teachers, providing the most effective strategies for language learners.

The 'Professional Texts Package' includes:

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