Professional Development

1. Curriculum Speak
2. Teaching to Diversity
3. In Our Classrooms
4. Language Buddies
5. The Language Assessment Kit
6. Language Conscious Teaching (referral)

Curriculum Speak:
English Speaking for Academic Literacy

Curriculum Speak

Here it is! The Ultimate Teacher's Resource to lead students through speaking activities whcih improve their language proficiency in conttent comprehension, classroom tasks, written assignments, tests and assesssment. Ideas in this resource cross over grades and Curriculum subjects. This reproducible reference makes it all so easy.

Contains loads of reproducible "talk" activities that work for all your students, not just English Language Learners. The book informs teachers about 'Language Conscious Teaching'(LCT). This enables teachers to identify types of difficulties ELL might experience with regular content instruction, and to employ more appropriate and effective learning strategies that will benefit all students.

"If we expect kids to write about what they're learning, they had better learn how to pronounce the new words and how to talk about the topic in a way that makes sense."

Mary Meyers

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Teaching to Diversity:
Teaching and Learning in the Multi-Ethnic Classroom

Teaching to Diversity

In "Teaching to Diversity," the author draws on extensive research on first- and second-language acquisition, and her own years as an ESL and classroom teacher, as well as her work in refugee centers. She examines current approaches and practices in refugee and immigrant education, as well as in successful integrated, or mainstream, ESL programs.

Comprehensive, practical, and supportive of teachers, "Teaching to Diversity":

Teaching to Diversity's wide range of applicability makes it an invaluable resource for classroom and ESL teachers, as well as those planning and elivering in-service to teachers. This book has been called 'the Bible.'

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In Our Classroom:
An Educator's Guide to Helping English Language Learners with Curriculum

In Our Classroom

"Every educator will want to have a personal copy of 'In Our Classrooms.' Meyers gives the reader a comprehensive overview of what English language learners require to become successful language and curriculum content learners. Meyers provides numerous practical 'tips' in her book... 'In Our Classrooms' is a must have for all educators simply because it can be applied to all students; ESL students, gifted students, students with special needs as well as 'average' students will undoubtedly benefit from the strategies. Overall, this is an essential resource, one that all boards of education will want to supply for their teachers, administration, support staff and volunteers. Perhaps pronvicial dollars would be better spent by providing staff members with a copy of 'In Our Classrooms'."

Review, TESL Ontario, 2002

"...highly accessible and practical."

Jum Cummins, Modern Language Center, OISE.

"Oral language facility in English differs substantially from the knowledge of literate styles of language. Educators must become 'language conscious' - better informed about their students' English proficiency in both language and literacy. This knowledge, in turn, will shed light on the challenges those students will face as well as the modifications necessary to ensure student success."

Mary Meyers, 2005

Revised Edition 2004 $34.95
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Language Buddies:
Supporting Language and Literacy in Schools

Language Buddies

Take a gargantuan step up from reading buddies and you will get some idea of the scope of the new "Language Buddies" program. Developed for schools with over 30% ESL clientele, this wonderful, reproducible resource is geared for a "whole school approach" to improving language and literacy across all grades and for improving supports and training in TESL for teachers.

Interactive activities in "Language Buddies" improve fluency, vocabulary and literacy skills for both ESL and non-ESL students alike. In "Language Buddies" an older student conducts an activity with 3 or 4 younger learners. Talking is essential to the task. Teachers can prescribe activities for language learning, skill remediation, or content consolidation. Tracking sheets may be used to provide reporting data. This resource is a must-have for schools with integrated language learners. Great for teacher training too!

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The Language Assessment Kit

Basic, Elementary Focus

The Language Assessment Kit

Find out the background experiences and first language skills and assess the English fluency and literacy of your ESL students. Monitoring sheets provide for long-term tracking of 'at-risk' students. The assessment picture sheets may be photocopied for student use or teaching. Recommended in ESL teacher training programs. Reproducible for the purchasing teacher. Topics include Alphabet Skills, Colours, School Objects, Verbs, Family, Prepositions, Animals, Food, Math, Phonetic Skills etc.

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Language Conscious Teaching:
A Professional Development Series for Educators in Multilingual Schools

For Administrators, District Professional Development Staff, Literacy Coordinators Teams, TEFL Course Leaders, Faculty of Education Instructors, and School Principals

Language Conscious Teaching

See the full write up of this excellent resource on the Whole-School Programs page.

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