Language Games

1. Cube Toss Games
2. Find It - Match It - Say It
3. All Done! Bingos
4. Verbs Only Bingos

Cube Toss Games:
English Speaking
The Fast, Fun and Easy Way

Develops Basic Fluency - Reproducible

Cube Toss Games

Get them speaking fast! Have fun with these easy, face-paced games of basic vocabulary review. In a group, you toss a cube - and the 1st student to call out the top picture gets to toss it again. Combine 2 or even 3 cubes to make a sentence or, use the game point system to 10. The kit comes with reproducible pictures, and 25 cube forms. Pop 'em open and glue on the pictures.

"The Cube Toss Game is a huge hit with our students. The students quickly get into the fast pace of tossing the picture cubes and calling out the answers. Even the typically shy and quiet students enthusiastically participate. They forget their inhibitions and willingly take rists. It's great for vocabulary development and review."

Donna Loss, British Columbia, Canada


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Find It - Match It - Say It
Language Through Fun and Games

Matching Pairs Card Games - Basic to Intermediate English Levels - Reproducible

Find It - Match It - Say It

Students love this fast-paced game of collecting matching pictures or word cards. These games review Basic English vocabulary in addition to Literacy skills. There is even an activity using Cohesive Devices to "Tell a Story". Students improve their listening, speaking and pronunciation during the game. Teachers or volunteers copy the master sets into different colours of stock card paper, and then cut and "baggie" the sets. Blank card forms are included to use for student assignments which then become new match games. This package includes School Objects and Action pictures, Weather, Transportation, Sports, Food, Opposites, and Clothes pictures, as well as two Verb sets of pictures and Cohesive Devices or Signal Words. Alphabet capitals and small letters may be used in multiple ways.


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All Done! Bingos - The Six Best

For All Ages and Grades - Black & White - Reproducible

All Done! Bingos

Wow! It's all done for you! Bingo provides the necessary practice of high frequency vocabulary and develops receptive listening skills. When the students call out the words, phrases and sentences, the teacher can assess their pronunciation. Extend language use by putting the words in context as they are called out. The package contains 10 cards for each of the Bingo themes, plus calling cards and instructions. You can enlarge the sheets for primary grades. We suggest using poker chips, not bingo chips.

Bingo Themes:
School Items; Basic Verbs Set 1, Present and Past; Basic Verbs Set 2, Present and Past; Locations; Clothing; Parts of the Body.


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Verbs Only Bingos

Black & White - Reproducible

Verbs Only Bingos

Includes 2 different sets of picture verbs, plus another set of 2-word verbs. Calling cards are in both the present & past tense.

3 Sets, 10 Cards per Set $19.95

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